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The end of a relationship is always difficult, but it’s even more so when children are involved. Now, you have to determine a child custody schedule for your family to follow, and emotions are likely getting in the way. You want what’s best for your kids, but you also can’t imagine not having them in your house full-time.

With so many emotions involved, it’s wise to hire a San Antonio child custody lawyer for help with your case. Your compassionate family law attorney will have a clear picture of the proceedings and can advise you as you work toward an agreement that’s in the best interests of your kids. Reach out today to learn more about our services.

Types of Child Custody

There are two options for child custody. Your San Antonio child custody lawyer can help you work toward a:

  • Joint managing conservatorship
  • Sole managing conservatorship

In addition, the judge can issue visitation orders when setting a custody agreement. Learn more about your options by calling our firm today.

Sole vs. Joint Managing Conservatorships

In most states, parents get sole or full custody. Here, it’s referred to as a sole managing or joint managing conservatorship . If you are granted a sole managing conservatorship, you will be in charge of all decisions related to the child, including the living arrangements. That means your kids can live with you full-time, and you can make educational, healthcare, and other decisions.

However, the court normally grants joint managing conservatorships, which means you share responsibility with the other parent. If you have this conservatorship, both you and the other parent have rights and responsibilities related to the kids. However, they might not be equal. The judge will create an order that details the rights of each parent, including the living arrangements. Thus, the parents might not split parenting time or decision-making rights down the middle.

If you are worried about maintaining your rights, consult with a San Antonio child custody lawyer. Your child custody attorney in San Antonio will advocate for you and your kids.

Possession Orders

The court understands the importance of children having access to both parents, so it typically issues vitiation orders for the non-custodial parent to follow. These are referred to as possession orders in Texas. If the parents live within 100 miles of each other, the court will likely grant an order for visitation on the first, third, and fifth weekends each month, along with additional days throughout the year. However, if the parents live further away, the non-custodial parent can choose one of those weekends each month.

There are other options as well, so consult with a San Antonio child custody lawyer to work on a visitation schedule. Your lawyer can negotiate with the other side to create a schedule to present to the judge.


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