Welcome to Kimbrough Legal, PLLC your trusted law firm focusing on divorce and family law matters. We understand that navigating the complexities of family law can be emotionally challenging, and that’s why we are here to provide you with exceptional legal representation. At Kimbrough Legal, we focus on delivering outstanding advocacy skills, fostering a strong team approach, and demonstrating unwavering compassion while serving our clients.

When it comes to settling a divorce or family law dispute, having a strong ally in your corner is crucial. Our Austin Family Lawyers are committed to passionately advocating for your rights, both inside and outside the courtroom. We leverage our extensive legal know-how and litigation experience to help you protect your children, assets, and peace. Contact Kimbrough Legal today to schedule a consultation.

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Modifying and Enforcing Judicial Orders

A divorce does not mean the end of a couple’s relationship with each other. The couple may continue to have a financial relationship if one spouse receives ongoing support, and they will likely have significant contact if they share children.

Sometimes, the orders governing these relationships become unworkable as time passes. In other cases, a spouse might stop complying with the order out of necessity or without justification. Modifying orders and taking action to enforce them could be appropriate in these cases.

Consult an attorney when an order is no longer effective, or a spouse is non-compliant. They could offer advice about the best way to rectify the problem and represent your position in court when necessary.

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Tycha Kimbrough

Meet Our Team

Meet the expert team at Kimbrough Legal.

Tycha Kimbrough
Managing Attorney

Tychanika “Tycha” Kimbrough is the esteemed Founding Attorney of Kimbrough Legal, PLLC, renowned for her unwavering dedication to justice and social change. As a licensed Texas attorney, Tycha embodies fearlessness, extensive knowledge, and a profound passion for serving her clients with exceptional care. Tycha’s impressive academic background includes earning her...

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Crystal A. Bannin
Senior Associate Attorney

As a senior attorney, Crystal focuses on families going through divorce, including military divorce, child custody disputes, child support issues, enforcement cases, Prenuptial/Post Nuptial Agreements, and adoptions. Crystal has significant experience having practiced family law exclusively for 23 years. Crystal is licensed in Texas and is a member of the...

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Nida Din

Nida Din is an experienced family law attorney with a palindrome name, passionate about justice, and fluent in American Sign Language. Nida, who is Deaf, brings a unique perspective to her practice, combining legal expertise with a commitment to inclusivity. Outside the courtroom, Nida finds joy in the pages of...

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Marla Hayes

Marla is a family law attorney who prides herself on her ability to empathize with her clients and make herself available to hear her clients’ questions and concerns. Unlike many other family law attorneys, Marla has personally gone through a divorce and a lengthy custody battle of her own, and...

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Strong Representation in Divorce Proceedings

Divorce is one of the most stressful events a person can experience. Capable and supportive legal representation is essential to emerge from a divorce prepared to move forward and live life to the fullest.

An Austin family attorney could provide invaluable guidance throughout the process, from the moment a spouse starts seriously considering divorce to implementing the orders in the final divorce decree. Whether a couple has little property to divide and is eager to part amicably or has substantial wealth and significant conflict, a legal professional could protect a spouse’s rights, ensure the divorce settlement is fair, and position the children to thrive.

Property Division Issues

In a community property state, spouses have equal rights to all property the couple accumulated during the marriage. The couple must disclose all their assets and debts, value their property, and agree to a fair division. In most cases, the value of the property should be split evenly or very close to evenly.

Issues that often arise in property division negotiations include distinguishing personal from marital property, allocating marital debt, and obtaining accurate valuation of assets like business interests or professional practices. An Austin family lawyer has substantial expertise in these matters and could advocate strongly to support a spouse’s interests.

Matters Involving Children

The law presumes that children benefit from close relationships with both their parents. Courts favor arrangements where each parent spends considerable time caring for the children and shares decision-making responsibility. However, parents can deviate from that arrangement when it is not appropriate or practicable in their case.

Parents must submit a proposed parenting plan to the court for approval as part of the divorce settlement process. In all questions concerning children, Texas Family Code §153.002 requires judges to prioritize their best interests.

Spousal Maintenance

The state does not routinely award spousal maintenance, but a court may award it when a couple has been married for ten years or more and the requesting spouse cannot meet their basic expenses without ongoing support. Generally, the amount of spousal support is 20 percent of the payor’s gross income or $2,500 per month, whichever is less, and a spouse typically receives spousal maintenance for no more than 36 months.


Our Testimonials

Truly the most professional, respectable, compassionate, and genuine person I know! She always places her clients above all else and works hard to be the best lawyer she can be, every day. I would trust her with my life!
- Pooja -
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Tycha Kimbrough is hard-working, compassionate and dedicated to serving her clients. She improves the lives of those around her and is an influential member of the community. I highly recommend her! She’s a great person to know!
- Katie -
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Absolutely and unequivocally an EXCELLENT attorney. She is a pleasure to work with and is an all-around ethical, knowledgeable and impressively smart individual.
- Denise -
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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ms. Kimbrough as co-counsel. She is a woman about her business. She prioritizes advocating for clients and the community. I have no hesitations in recommending her.
- Elissa -
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I liked her enthusiasm and passion to seek justice and right any wrongdoing. She is very knowledgable and professional. I highly recommend her.
- Larry -
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I can honestly say she went above and beyond to explain the process to me. We went well past our consolation time because she cared about me and my case. She was totally honest about what she could and could not do. It’s so hard to find transparency in a lawyer these days. If you want a lawyer that is honest and cares Ms. Kimbrough is the lawyer for you!
- Fred -
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Mediated Divorce is Often an Appealing Option

Many couples prefer to settle their differences privately rather than making public court filings and leaving their personal issues for a judge to decide. Our firm employs certified mediators who can serve as neutral third parties and guide negotiations that result in a divorce settlement.

When acting as a mediator, a family lawyer in Austin does not represent either party. In most cases, the mediator will discuss the outstanding issues with the spouses and their respective attorneys before beginning negotiations. Some couples might choose to work with a mediator without independent legal representation.

When both parties engage with the intent to resolve their issues, mediation can produce settlement agreements and avoid the need for a judge to decide. The parties typically have their personal attorneys review the agreements, then submit them to the court for incorporation into the divorce decree.

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Mediated Divorce is Often an Appealing Option

Work With an Austin Family Lawyer to Resolve Family Matters

Finding peace can be challenging when a family law matter is looming. You are in capable hands with the skilled and compassionate attorneys at Kimbrough Legal PLLC. Whatever the issue, an Austin family lawyer could advocate for your rights and your children’s well-being. Contact us today.

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