How much will my divorce cost? | Austin Divorce Lawyer | Kimbrough Legal, PLLC

Hello, I am Tycha Kimbrough. If you’re currently dealing with a divorce or preparing for a divorce, you may be wondering how much your divorce will costs? Well, it really depends. There’s no clear answer here, as there’s numerous factors that dictate how much you will spend on a divorce. Some of these factors include whether or not you and your spouse are able to come together and amicably reach a resolution, what type of assets you’ll have to divide, what type of debt has to be divided, whether or not children are involved in the divorce, and whether y’all will be able to reach a resolution and mediation or this case will require a trial. So, there are a lot of different components that can impact how much you will have to pay for a divorce. Most times, attorneys request an upfront retainer and we bill at an hourly rate, and you may have to replenish that retainer if necessary.

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