Family Law Mediation in Texas is Worthwhile and, Often, Required

Right before you filed for divorce, you might have had worst-case scenarios running through your mind—shouting matches in court or, worse, in front of your kids. Popular media has warped many people’s minds about how a divorce usually goes. Those divorcing in Texas have the option to enter into a process called mediation. In fact, many Texas judges require couples in a contested divorce to attempt a mediated Read More

5 Tips for Behaving in Virtual Court Hearings

Almost one and half years after the first case of COVID-19 was reported in the U.S., it’s nearly impossible to list all the ways the virus has upended life as we know it. Many judicial proceedings ground to a halt as judges and attorneys scrambled to figure out how to make things work. By now, just about everyone has had experience with Zoom and other technology that makes virtual meetings—including virtual court Read More

5 Ways to Optimize Your Co-Parenting Situation

Finally—your divorce is over. You’re ready to lean forward into your new normal. Your new normal includes co-parenting your kids with your ex, which you’re probably not excited about. Still, you do have to make this work for your children’s sake. And, you might even have to see your ex in person at birthdays and graduations. We know you can make this work, and we’ve provided some tips to help you.  1. Try to put Read More

Are Theft, Robbery, and Burglary the Same Crime in Texas?

In a word, no. Plenty of people, however, conflate these three different offenses and assume all have to do with stealing property from someone. In fact, you could be charged with robbery OR burglary without stealing one dime from someone else. Keep reading for the important distinctions between these three crimes.  Theft Theft involves depriving someone else of their property. State law mentions “unlawfully Read More

When Can the Police Invade Your Privacy?

The police knock on your front door. Once you answer, officers show you a search warrant that’s been signed by a local judge. This means the judge (or magistrate, as is sometimes the case in Texas) agreed with the police that probable cause of your involvement with criminal activity exists. Unfortunately, you must now let the police search your home.  How did it get to that point? And, are there limits to what the Read More

What Happens to the Family Business During Divorce?

Few other assets are as fought-over or disputed in a divorce as a business owned by the two divorcing spouses. While a few couples are able to continue operating their company amicably after a divorce, that’s not realistic for many spouses. If that applies to you and your spouse, the question then becomes: how will you split the business so each of you receives your portion of the marital asset?  Texas is a Community Read More

Is it a Good Idea to Take Field Sobriety Tests?

Even though driving while intoxicated (DWI) is one of the more common crimes committed in Texas, there are plenty of misconceptions and misunderstandings surrounding this criminal charge. Specifically, it’s worth reevaluating the common wisdom around submitting to certain tests the police might ask you to perform on the roadside. This blog will cover some key considerations you should keep in mind if you are ever Read More

Does My Criminal Record Qualify for an Expunction?

Most convictions cannot be removed from a person’s record, but under certain circumstances, Texas law allows individuals to remove information about an arrest, charge, or conviction from their criminal records. An arrest or charge (even if it’s later dismissed) on one’s record can have an impact on a person’s life and affect his/her career prospects, housing options, and more. The more difficult time experienced by Read More

The Collateral Consequences of a DWI Conviction

The flashing blue lights illuminate your rearview mirror, and you know you’re probably over the legal limit. Your mind races to thoughts of spending the night in jail and how you are going to explain your DWI arrest to your family and employer.  After you’re released from jail, you think about the wild night you had, along with a possible trial and attorney’s fees. You really don’t want to spend any more time Read More

The Various Timelines of Divorce

“How long is this going to take?” That’s such a common question that our office gets when someone comes in to ask about filing for or responding to an Original Petition for Divorce. Every case is different—your cousin might have been able to get hers done in a matter of weeks, but her marriage was relatively short and she had no children or significant marital assets. Anecdotes from friends and family will Read More