Criminal Defense

Impassioned Criminal Defense for Travis County Residents

Many people have heard of criminal defense attorneys, but few know what they actually do.

Criminal defense attorneys guide defendants through the complex legal system, advise them on their options, and protect them from unfair prosecution or convictions. Criminal defense attorneys usually fall under two categories: private attorneys paid for by the defendant and court-appointed attorneys for defendants who cannot afford their own private attorneys.

Nearly 80 percent of defendants use the latter. Court-appointed attorneys can either be public defenders who are paid by the government or panel attorneys, who are local attorneys chosen and appointed by a panel of their peers.

Only a very small number of criminal defendants opt to defend themselves. These defendants are known as “pro per” or “pro se” defendants.

What Do Criminal Defense Attorneys Do?

It’s a criminal defense attorney’s job to research the facts of a case and try to negotiate a deal with the state, also known as the prosecution. Usually, these deals look like reduced bail or bond amounts, reduced sentences, or reduced charges.

Criminal defense attorneys also examine and question witnesses, analyze the state’s case, consider potential sentences, formulate plea deals, gather evidence, and review search and seizure procedures. If the attorney is unable to secure an ideal plea deal for the defendant, they will represent them in trial.

Criminal defense attorneys often work on flat fees or an hourly basis. They are barred from charging contingency fees, or fees contingent on the outcome of the case. 

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What most defendants fail to realize is how the right criminal defense attorney can help their case immensely. No one should have to navigate this complicated legal terrain on their own. Fortunately, Kimbrough Legal can provide you thoughtful, zealous legal counsel that will protect you in court. We believe in bold and passionate legal representation that puts our clients first. Contact us today to learn more.